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well it didnt happen, yet. Im thinking about setting up the MonaLisa with Mr.Scream. They would be SOOOO cute together. They are both strange (eybrowless-openmouther) and they are special (both ”fameuos”) and wher they live (scream:norwegia?/mona:rome?) ooo i gott their couple name SCREAMONA OR MONASCREAMS lol well yup i can feel it, i been knew they like each other so this is going to work! TELL YOUR FRIENDS… OR BE BITTEN



1.POKE POKE! what IS tat for like really. POKE

2.Walls. Obisouly it’s NOT a wall. i like how myspace was truthful and called it ”COMMENTS”

3.APPS. no the word ”app’ is ORIGANLY AND ALWAYS used  for the iPodTouch/Phone (which roxs!)

4.Tagging Pics. on myspace they let you edit the size needed. but oh no facebook choses the size and just says ”click on the person you wish to tag”

5.TWEET OOPS I MEAN FACEBOOKING. People use faceboook like twitter. ”namehere- Is At Home Relaxing.MessageMe” grrr it annoys me

6.NAMES. huh? what IF i dont want people knowing my FULL NAME? myspace has a feature to hide this, FACEBOOK DOESNT!

7.JUNKYWALLS. ”namehere was tagged in othernamehere ‘s picture piccaptionnamehere” it ANNOYS ME like we REALLY dont care if you added pictures, well look at them later.

8.UMM HELP? myspace creator,Tom has an account(message him if you need help), but facebook has no Creator that Does have an acounnt(tat i know of) so what if something gets messed up or whatever huh?

9.UMMM SHUTUP WOULD YOU? people all ways spamming other peoples wall. like really if its THAT important message me, it doesnt have to go out to every1 tat read my wall.

10.ADVERTISMENTS?YUCK!  their is always like 8 advertisments on 1 page, ” oh but theirs only 4 on each side, and their small!” well wat if im messaging you and its really important and long and im almost done but, Oops i clicked on an ad. Most Used Ads? Tattodle and game ”apps” (ehh read 3)


WELLL YEA  this full blog post was a lie. I go on my moms ALL the time. im just to lazy to make one (but some how i manage to have a blog site lol) well yea, its actully a nice site. better than myspace or twitter, cuz on myspace its less upgraded and on twitter the defintion on ”Fans” is really ”STALKERS” (yup you’re reading it! the 1 nd only!)



Where Te Wild Things Are is a great movie in Cinema history, because BLAH BLAHH BLAHHH lol i never even seen the movie! did it come out yet?  i think it came out? did it? well its 10-?-09. i forget what today is. Oop i said ”forget what today is” its ”Forgot” hehehhe i should listen in class more. lol jk im a GOOD student (hehe umm yea). well i wanna see that movie. IT SOUNDS FASANATING, cuz in the commericial theres like people and fake tigers and fake birds and THEY TALK WHOO thoose are the EXACT reasons i wanna watch it. but maybe i can buy it instead, cuz what if i fall asleep watching it! WAAA WAT IF SOME1 ILLAGALYY TAPES IT AND I SNORE!!!???? o well i dont snore so it doesnt matter! hehehe you fell for that HAHAHA! (ummm). Yea so im going to buy it. when does it come out ? I WANT TO SEE THAT MVIE WAHHHHHH. O yea and  i like youtube. go on and like search ”FRED” he’s like HILarious ok welll






^^^ AWESOME^^^  well im not sure what IS soooo awesome so let me make a list


-barbies-playdough-TV-radio-computers-friends-necalaces-Jordans(shoes)-Nikes(shoes)-halloween-birthdays-cupcakes-spongebob-puppies-dogs-kittens-babys that can talk-nail polish- claire’s(store)-cameras-money-icecream-candy-sandwitches-Wii-DSI-XBOX360-GameBoy-Crayons-Monkeys-MEEEEE lol jk (NO im serious, ME)



What isnt Awesome huh?

EvilPeople-AnimalsThatEatYou-TheDark-TheMonstersUnderMyBed-SadNewsStories-PeopleWhoHaterYou-TheGameShadow(thegame shadow,STOPP,stopp)-HomeWork-PeopleWhoCopyYou-Knifes(i cut my finger)-Liver-Sharks-Kids(under7)ThatScreamInYourEar-LifeTimeMoviesThatAreLame-HatingAChristmasGiftThatPeopleThinkYouLike-CopyingEveryWordInTheDictionary-BeingLateAtImportantPlaces-ProjectsThatAreBoring



Well thats my list

Ummmmmm Bye! (yup yore on this site!) ~-~



hi im michelle aka shelly and this is my blog. ummm idk what to write but yea look a smiley *_* hehehhehe well obiouly i live in newyork ^ well yea ok. im just trying to write this realyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

long (lolsz) well ok



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